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“I had the pleasure of working with Kara at Authentic Expressions. She did a fantastic job of working with me and helping me identify some areas of my life that could use some attention, and offered some very practical and useful solutions that I have implemented and have been able to use to this day. She helped me get out of my comfort zone and dig deep to find aspects of myself that I wanted to look at further. She was extremely attentive, personable, caring and I could tell she really wanted me to succeed. I can’t recommend her enough!”

— Scott Armstrong, Producer and Host of Rebunked News

“It was amazing to work with Kara each week as she always had really amazing feedback, advice, and also pointed out things that I hadn’t noticed I was doing. A really big insight for me was realizing how much I could do in such a short period of time! Which was truly amazing! I was also able to start seeing myself begin to create what I wanted my dream life to look like and to realize that I can start creating that now which was very big! And that I didn’t have to wait for something else to happen. I also appreciate the way Kara helped me work through my challenge of failing to accomplish the goals I had set during the prior week! After we worked through that challenge I was able to almost always accomplish all the goals I would set!”

— Fabby Martinez, Pet Sitter | Aura Healer

“Kara’s coaching far exceeded my expectations. Initially, I was seeking support to stay updated with Autonomy class lectures (an entrepreneurship course). However, the experience went beyond mere guidance. Kara encourages you to make personal commitments and supports you in holding yourself accountable. What truly sets her coaching apart is the emphasis on taking full responsibility for your own achievements. Initially, I had a clear vision for my future, but Kara helped reveal my limitations of how I was rigidly adhering to this vision. Now, I’m hosting a bi-weekly public event that far surpasses my original aspirations. I genuinely believe I wouldn’t have pursued this without Kara’s guidance, and I feel immensely proud and fulfilled seeing my dream materialize into reality.”

— Barbara Beaman, Mom and Respectful Parenting Podcaster

“One insight I gained with Kara’s support is that I can fuse my passion for music with realistic steps toward a more successful and rewarding life. As a result of Kara’s coaching, I am pursuing my goal of developing an online guitar course. I put much of my current drive and focus down to having participated in the weekly group coaching sessions where Kara set a positive and supportive tone whilst expertly juggling the needs of diverse personalities. I always looked forward to these sessions, even when I was in the ‘hot seat’!

I highly recommend treating yourself to a coaching experience with Kara: you’ll be in very good hands”

— Mark Ellison, Musician and Music Teacher

“I so very much appreciate the time invested with and insights gained from my coaching sessions with Kara. Whether it’s accountability, encouragement, fresh perspective, or reminding me a truth I seem to have forgotten, each session provides some grist for the mill of overcoming my self limiting thoughts and moving towards my goals. I especially appreciate her ability to encourage my focus on, and strategies for, the next action steps to take. A lot of my goals are mid to long range and in the past I have let many of those goals die on the vine. She regularly helps me see what I’ve accomplished, how that connects to my overall goals, and what I can do next to keep my momentum going. Through conversation, exercises, and helpful little check ins during the week, I’ve gained confidence, perseverance, and a patient vision for where I’d like to be. She’s a great listener, an awesome communicator, and an astute observer. Do your future self a favor by investing in some personal coaching with Kara today!”

— Matt Whitaker, Massage Therapist | Permaculture Designer

“My mentorship with Kara has been a delightful experience and instrumental to my aims of personal progress. Her presence has brought a calm stability, her suggestions and insights have helped me make demonstrable progress in realizing the improvements I continue to seek in my life, and our weekly meetings have, without fail, left me feeling encouraged and centered. In showing up to express my experience and challenges, she has helped identify my excuses and thoughts coming from a scarcity mindset. Through thoughtful reflection, she has helped me come up with tools and tactics to affect the growth and change I seek. She has given me hope when my tank was running empty, a push when I was slacking, confirmation when I’m on the right track and push back when I veered off. Our time working together was over the course of my first season in AUTONOMY (an entrepreneurship course), and Kara provided a critical rudder that kept me on course as life continued to swirl around chaotically in the meantime. I’m deeply grateful for the positive impact she has made on my improvement trajectory and feel that I am now better armed with useful tools and insights that I will carry forward forever after. Thank you Kara!! You’ve been a blessing not at all in disguise :)”

— Johnna Calvillo, CEO of Miss Jane CBD | CEO of Can of Bliss 

“At the start of the AUTONOMY course (an entrepreneurship course), my life’s purpose and long-term goals were not clear to me. My concern was that I would keep myself busy and speed through life in a tunnel vision. I felt that I was in a crossroads and that I had lack of clarity about what to do and where to go next. Kara helped me to ask the right questions and to visualize my future self. Through the sessions I got a chance to talk about my concerns, blockers, and aspirations. Kara helped me by giving me new perspectives, ideas, and endless encouragement. In a period of a few months, I gained clarity into what I want from life and what my purpose is. I was able to create a comprehensive vision statement and set long-term goals for myself that align with my values. I am now working on daily basis to move towards those goals.”

“Later on, I also joined Kara’s accountability coaching group to ensure I don’t have blind spots and stay on track. The group experience has been phenomenal because now I don’t need to walk alone. I received a lot of value in listening to the challenges of others and how those relate or could relate to my situation. Through Kara’s experience, I have continued moving forward; despite the life challenges and obstacles, I am always returning to the main road leading toward my purpose.”

— Otto Viktor, Community Building Consultant | Course Creator

“The Accountability Coaching Group helped me develop a clear vision on how to use the Autonomy course to overcome personal issues that were holding me back from achieving my goals. At first, I was apprehensive about meeting in a group of people I didn’t know. Fortunately, once the meetings started Kara skillfully led us through the introduction process. Each member gave a brief personal intro with a bit of their own journey up to joining Autonomy. After the intro’s I felt more at ease. As the sessions continued over the weeks that followed Kara’s coaching guided me to see how I could apply the autonomy principals to overcome my issues. Overall, the group setting was very positive. I got great feedback from all the group members adding even more support for me to find my path to success. It was great working with Kara as she took note of all our issues and pain points. She always offered sound guidance using Autonomy principals and then persuaded us to commit to definite action steps toward accomplishing our goals. Overall, it was an awesome journey and added much value to my Autonomy experience.”

— Edward Lonk, Owner/CEO of Alpha Business Funding LLC | Principal Owner of Anew Auto & Truck LLC 

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